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Lube Oil Filter $28.95:
Up to 5 quarts premium synthetic blend oil, includes oil filter and a complete comprehensive inspection and tire rotation as needed.

Free Check Engine Light Scan:
Stands alone, no other service included with this free service.

“As your fuel mileage drops off, your check engine light may begin to flash…”


AutoMasters in Cortez provides several automotive services throughout southwestern Colorado to keep your car running smoothly and get you back on the road when you need repairs. We work with foreign and domestic cars and trucks, both regular gas and diesel. We are excited to earn your trust at AutoMasters.

Computerized Alignment

It’s important for even tire wear, easy steering, and safe braking to get your wheels aligned regularly. AutoMasters offers computerized wheel alignments, using advanced equipment and technology to precisely align them to factory specification. It is recommended to get an alignment every year. If the steering wheel seems off center when driving straight, the vehicle pulls to one side, feels unstable, or the tires make a screeching noise upon turning, you should get your wheels aligned right away.


Your suspension is what protects your car’s frame from rough roads, potholes, bumps, and cracks. If you are experiencing excess bouncing while driving, a shaky steering wheel, or clunking noises when you go over rough areas and have a harsh ride, you may need a suspension repair. Let AutoMasters fix the problem! Here, we strive to keep your car in good shape and your ride smoother.

Other Repair Services

AutoMasters also provides several other repair services for anything from electrical to heating and cooling. We offer a complete service maintenance program and DOT Inspection. Contact us for detailed information about the repairs your car needs.

Brake Specialists

We’re one of the few auto repair shops in Cortez to specialize in brake repair work. We are experts at diagnosing and repairing American and foreign car and truck’s brake systems. Is your ABS light on? Are you noticing a pulsating brake pedal or a high pitched squeal? Come into AutoMasters and see the professionals for a free inspection with a written estimate.

Lube Oil Filter Special

We offer a great deal on our lube oil filter service for $29.95. Keep your car’s engine lubricated and operating at full efficiency by changing your oil and filter and applying our lubrication products. We put in up to 5 quarts of synthetic oil blend and also include a complete comprehensive inspection and tire rotation as needed. This quick and inexpensive service can be completed while you wait.

Check Engine Light Scan

AutoMasters offers a FREE stand alone check engine light scan. As your fuel mileage drops off, your check engine light may begin to flash. When your car starts misbehaving, bring it toAutoMasters-your One Stop Shop. We’ll find out what the problem is, go over the service you’ll need in detail, and provide an estimate while scheduling your repair.

Don’t forget our $5 off coupon on the back of your city market receipt.

It may be something simple and inexpensive that we can fix the same day. No matter how easy or complex the repair is, our diagnostics system and our technicians will figure out what you need quickly.

Computerized Alignments

Brake Inspection Specialist

Check Engine
Light Scan

Lube Oil
Filter Special

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